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Fees and Admission


Admission procedure and room booking

In order to be accepted as student it is necessary to be studying in any of the Faculties, Technical Schools or University Schools of the University of Oviedo, or to be carrying out research or teaching activities or to continue studies during that academic course.

The acceptance of the place booked will have to be confirmed before the 30th. of July. If not, it will be considered that such place is available for another person.

Booking a place for a complete academic year (September to May, except during the official holidays for Christmas and the Holly Week) must be done between the 1st. of June and the 15th of July of each year; for another type of stays (half a year, quarters or stays for a shorter period) place may be booked at any other time of the year (refer to application forms, prices and regulations).

Future residents must submit the following documents before the Secretary of the Residence Hall, either by fax or email. This is the only way to have your place reservation confirmed. It is essential to send them by fax or email and the student’s complete name must be clearly specified:

  • Application Form duly filled-in, two passport-sized photos and a copy of the Academic Report.
  • Receipt of having paid the deposit, which may be paid by bank transfer or in cash in the Secretary of the Residence Hall.
  • Residence Authorization Form, if the interested party is a minor.

The application form may be collected in the Secretary Office of the San Gregorio Residence Hall (Campus of Los Catalanes Campus - Valdés Salas s/n, 33007, Oviedo).

The San Gregorio Hall is ruled by the provisions mentioned in the Regulation of the Residence Halls of the University of Oviedo.

Instructions for requesting admission

Full academic year

You can request a place during June. The online application is https://euniovi.uniovi.es/PresentarSolicitudes/

Application Deadline extended untill 31 st July

In the application proccess you must submit a photo and a copy of the Academic Record of the latest course and the University Access Examination (PAU).

Application form for semester stays

The request for a six-month stay by the same procedure as the full course, being open all year (https://euniovi.uniovi.es/PresentarSolicitudes/) will be governed.

Application form for short-term stays

You must fill in and submit the application form to:

  • San Gregorio Residence Hall. Valdés Salas St. 33007 - Oviedo
  • University Residence Hall of Mieres. Gonzalo Gutiérrez Quirós St. 33600 - Mieres, Asturias.


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