Colegio Mayor San Gregorio

Getting here


EThis is the most ecological means of transport and, in several cases, the quickest one. The nearest train station is called Llamaquique, which is eight-minute walk. All the local lines of Asturias (Lines: C1, C2 and C3) are connected with this station and it has frequent connections with the main towns in Asturias.

All the access routes from any other Spanish Autonomous Community to this city are located in the “Estación del Norte” in Oviedo.


The Asturias Airport has daily connections with the main Spanish and European cities such as: Madrid, Barcelona, London, Paris and Zurich. Besides, there is a bus service which goes to the main bus station of Oviedo.

On that station, bus number 2 can be caught and it will take you to the Hall in about 8 minutes.

Private Cars

If you come to Oviedo from the North going along the A-66 highway (Gijón, Avilés, etc.) or from the South (Mieres, Langreo, León, Madrid, etc.) along the AS-I highway or the A-66 highway (Huerna Highway), the quickest route is to go along the “Ronda Sur” bypass which goes to the Plaza de Castilla.

Our building is located 500 metres to the West of said Plaza de Castilla, walking along the González Besada street.

City Buses

Line 11 of the city busses of Oviedo has a bus stop in the González Besada, street, at number 16, which is about two-minute walk from our Hall. Lines 2, 9, 10, 11 and 12 have their bus stops in the “Plaza de la Gesta”, which is about five-minute walk.


  • Latitude: 43.3548097
  • Longitude: -5.851805199999944

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