Colegio Mayor San Gregorio


To the future freshman,

The day has come. A new city, a new period in your life, a new home. You have come here, to the San Gregorio Residence Hall, being an adolescent and knowing nearly nothing about the world around you. At the beginning, you are afraid because you know nobody and because you are going to be far away from your beloved ones.

It will be difficult during the first days because you will be embarrassed. Perhaps, you believe your bedroom or the meals are different, that your room mate is completely unknown for you… Perhaps you think that it would have been better to have rented a flat, or stayed in your city. Nevertheless, after some days, and suddenly, all these things are forgotten.

You will realize that, suddenly again, you have 99 new friends. You will realize that as soon as you are in the corridor, when you are in the dining-room or when you are “studying” in the library, you may always begin a conversation that will last for one hour. You will meet people with your same interests and other with completely different interests so, perhaps, you will discover new hobbies. You will find this same atmosphere in no other place. No similar people will be found in other places.

You will find out that it is only there where you feel at home. With the passing of time and looking backwards, you will realize that those years were the best years of your life, with the best experiences and with the craziest things. When looking backwards, you will realize you are a Gregorian, that you will be a Gregorian during your whole life and that you have discovered a family here.

So, freshman, be ready for this, and this is only the prologue. You have to be prepared for the greatest change you will have in your whole life and begin writing your story. Because, at the end, you will have your Gregorian family supporting you.

Pablo Díaz García. Ponferrada -León-