Colegio Mayor San Gregorio

Council of the Residence

The Council of the Residence is an organ of participation and collaboration vital for the organization of everyday life at the San Gregorio Residence Hall. It is composed by the residents themselves, who annually elect by vote their representatives.

It is inspired by a principle of collaboration with the other organs of the Residence Hall, seeking the union of opinions for a better coexistance.

The main functions of the Council of the Residence are: to encourage the activa participation of the different organs that compose the San Gregorio Residence Hall; to represent all of our colleagues in corporative acts; to create new proposals of activities, formation, services, etc. and transmit them to the Direction; to hear the inquieres, opinions and suggestions of their colleagues in order to continuously improve the Residence Hall, etc.

And upon your arrival, the members of the Council of the Residence will help you adapt to the Residence.

Structure of the Council of the Residence


  • Dean- Raúl Roel Pardo
  • Councilor of Culture- Julia Sonia Prieto de Lucas y Darío López Ruiz
  • Councilor of IT- Adrián Salinas Ciudad
  • Councilor of Sports- Juan Ondo Eñeso
  • Councilor of Interior- Isabel García Pescador