Colegio Mayor San Gregorio


Desde el Colegio Mayor San Gregorio queremos seguir manteniendo vivo el The San Gregorio Residence Hall aims at keeping alive thelink that has united the people who have stayed a this, their home, sharing some year of their life.

The main objectives of this initiative are:

  • Maintain and encourage new relations of friendship between ex-residents.
  • Offer the chance of reuniting and keep on remembering what for many people was the best days of their lives.
  • Cooperate and participate in some of the formative and cultural activities of the Residence Hall.
  • Guide and help the residents in their professional careers.
  • Establish links between the old and new residents of the San Gregorio Residence Hall.

If you are an ex-resident of the San Gregorio and you wish to receive information, send us an e-mail to dircolegiosmayores@uniovi.es with your current personal information and we will tell you about the most interesting activities that will take place during this academic year.